Portable Magic

Do you ever wish you could climb outside of your own skin and into the world of a book?

I admit freely it’s a frequent desire of mine and one that has only grown with age instead of diminished. I was the little girl who used to read under the bed with a flashlight so my parents wouldn’t catch me up late and the one who did the reading challenge every summer at the library. And my appetite for reading has only grown. I go to the library about three times a week, I have a reading list on my phone I’m constantly working on, and it’s my cardinal rule to never travel without packing at least two books. There are stories I habitually read at certain times of the year, and there are characters I know so well that I would call them friends. One of my favorite quotes is by author Cassandra Clare: 


As Stephen King says, books are portable magic, and I have always been enchanted by the power of words and the art of story. To use my imagination to do wondrous and impossible things is one of the most beautiful gifts the Lord has given. And I believe that stories are only as true as you allow them to be. To choose to be impacted by a story, or a paragraph or a character, is a personal decision. There are books that have deeply affected me and shaped my worldview. To me, words and ideas are two of the most powerful things in the world. For those who would say they don’t “enjoy reading,” I would dare to venture that you haven’t allowed stories to come alive. If you keep a book or a character at a distance and never embrace the adventure or only cling to reason, you’re not going to enjoy what you’re reading. It’s a deep desire of mine that I would be able to write something that would have soul and life and mean something. Someday I’ll see if I have it in me.

For now, my New Year’s Commitment (not resolution because to me a commitment involves discipline and dedication – something I’m much more likely to keep than a wishy-washy resolution) is to read 250 books this year. This is partly because I have so many books I want to check off my list that I need a solid goal to reach for. The other part is because I want to grow my personal philosophy, intellect and theology. Reading is one of the best, and most enjoyable ways, I know how to do this. 

Every month, I’ll post about a new book that I’ve read. It might be a classic work or modern fiction or a historical account; I’ll try to keep it interesting! I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading too and how it’s impacted your thinking.

Here’s to 2017, new books, big cups of coffee and pretending to be Hermione Granger. 
Always, Allie


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